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Peter began to massage my breasts with both hands. He leaned over me. His lips touched my lips. He gave me a hot kiss on my sex live cam.
“Our friend Mike from the sauna told me he would really like to fuck you slowly deep in your pussy, do you would now like to feel his hard cock in you?” Peter asked me. "We can show it on our live web cam." His voice trembled a little.
“Yes, that would be great if I could feel his big and stiff cock in my tight vagina and if he would penetrate slowly into me and fuck me in all different ways” I whispered.
And Peter again kissed me. “Well, then our friend Mike will come up now and you treat his huge cock slowly into your hot pussy and let him fuck you very slowly and tenderly, the way you’ve always wanted." Would it turn you on if men will watch you on our live sex cam?" he asked.
“Oh yes, that would be great if we make a hot live show out of it” I whispered. I was so excited and I felt warm shouders on my body.
I felt Peter’s warm hands on my breasts, he again gently rubbed my hard nipples. “Be careful, you may distribute how I feel, relax,” whispered Peter.
Again he gave me a hot kiss on our webcam. And then I felt a gentle touch on my pussy. Quite easily. Peter’s hands were on my breasts. At first I thought that would be a delusion.
There was no doubt you can watch it on adult live cam. Something hard pressed against my pussy and slowly, very slowly Mike pushed his big, fat cock into my tight pussy. His big cock nearly ripped me in parts. It felt so incredibly great that I run into my first orgasm on our live sex cam.

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